GRATITUDE Meditation Por Kai

GRATITUDE Meditation

Por Kai

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Gratitude is an extension of love.

When we love deeply, we are totally grateful, we feel divine grace flowing through us and that feeling is typical of gratitude; it’s in that total state of loving and grace that we feel completely blessed.

This is a simple meditation of gratitude that we carry out do at any moment.  Given that for me, simplicity is a key that opens up the door for us to the greatness of the universe, we don’t need to make great efforts to connect, to feel and be God, that’s something inherent to us.

We are going to begin by vibrating in Love.

Divinity’s language itself, life has been created in love, the galaxies, universes, they are created in love, we Ourselves, our essence is love and that is the entrance to gratitude.

Remember and bring to mind and feelings the Beings who you love the most. Perhaps it’s only one person or many, number doesn’t matter, just remember and invoke the pure feeling their presence causes you: LOVE

Feel it.

Feel how that love grows and multiplies as you remember their smile, their words and the beautiful moments you live with them. It`s important to allow the feeling to expand y be all that our awareness manifests in this moment.

This simple act of remembering our most loved ones, places us in a state of very high consciousness. For LOVE is a very high frequency.

Now, as LOVE has expanded from your heart into all your Being, start looking at all Your life’s blessings.

You yourself. You are a living miracle!!  You have a body and life flows through IT. That life that comes from God himself, who is divine breath of creation, of the Father-Mother. Feel that life, feel it deeply. Feel your heart, how it beats with that life that comes from God. It’s wonderful!


Your life. It’s another miracle!! Look around you and see the life you have built. You have a home where to rest, a roof, a bed and food. It doesn’t matter if it’s very big o very small, if it’s a lot or not much. What matters is that YOU have created it with that never ending energy that flows through YOU. You are a Creator!!! You are God’s manifestation, creating the same as HIM.


Your Children. They are a living miracle!!  They have a body and life flows through IT. That life that comes from God himself, who is divine breath of creation, of the Father-Mother. They chose you as a Parent. They were born from Life energy that flows through You. They are here to learn by your side, together. You learn from them also.


The Earth. It’s a living miracle!! Observe around you. Look at the trees, plants, water, rocks. Really observe them. Look at their perfection. They are life, that life that comes from God himself. Through the Earth, from HER Life we get divine food for our body. She provides a home for us, gives us teachings, covers us with divine embrace.


The Universe. It’s another enormous miracle!! Point your attention to space. Visualize the planets, galaxies, stars. Life manifests in magnificent ways!! God has so many phases! He expresses life in incredible ways everywhere, in everything that surrounds us. The life that flows through Us, flows y vibrates in the Universe.


GOD, THE GREAT CENTRAL SUN, THE ORIGIN OF LIFE. Feel it, feel its infinite love covering you, nurturing you, filling you.

Feel it, stay in that feeling as long as you want!

Feel the GRATITUDE, how it fills you and makes you feel complete, alive!

That’s the blessing of gratitude; that’s the state of DIVINE GRACE!

From now on, every time you feel sad, out of your center. Carry out this small meditation and you’ll see that life and joy come back to You!


Brothers and sisters, this is the Light Code of Gratitude, it’s activated when you do this meditation.

GRATITUDE Meditation Por Kai 1

And this is how it came to ME. Surrounded by small Light Beings that will expand Gratitude onto Earth.

GRATITUDE Meditation Por Kai 2

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¡Blessings to All!

God is within us… Within every Atom, within every particle and his primary essence is Love.

Love Your Self, Love Life and you will be ONE with GOD

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